Isabelle and Hans Lammens reef research and humanitarian help in 2009  Isabelle is French and Hans is German citizen. The language we speak on board is English because Isabelle does not speak German and Hans does not speak French. We left our countries along time ago. We are resident in New Zealand and use now some of our time to explore the world. We both had our own boat for 12 years… Isabelle had Bilbo, a 30 foot steel sailing boat, Joubert design. She sailed in the Pacific : New Caledonia, Vanuatu, Australia, New Zealand. Hans had a 32 foot classic wooden sailing boat, John Alden design, built in 1949. He sailed across the Mediterranean sea, Atlantic and Pacific till New Zealand. Together we built  our catamaran a Wharram Tiki 46 in New Zealand.  Since she was launched in 2009 till now, end of 2011, we sailed to Tonga, Fiji, Wallis, Rotuma, Vanuatu, Solomons islands, New Caledonia, Norfolk island, Marshall islands and New Zealand. Our interests...?  -  sailing of course.....  -  the foreign cultures, the traditional ships and navigation.  -  photography and   -  aquarelle painting  -  watersports: snorkeling, suba diving,   -  hicking  -  Meeting the locals people in one of the highlight of our trips.  -  eat the local food which is most of the time excellent!  - Learn a few words of their language… we had a good time in the Solomon islands learning pidgin English with the women from Asumbuo village. We had so much fun and where  encouraged in keep learning with some :” hey, yu save talk-talk pidjin nao, yu winem husband blong yu!”…”hey, you can talk pidgin now and you  speak better than your husband!”  We like to go out of the beaten tracks, and live with the locals people, go fishing and hunting with them, learn about their techniques, teach them how  to cut and sew a dress for their kids, We like sailing and we like our boat…and we like to share our experiences with you…    about us... copyright 2012
What we did...   project 2011 Tools and Toys for Asumboa and the refit of Lapita Anuta We like to...?  Sailing is more for us than to travel and enjoy the ocean. We built Wakataitea as our home and as a tool to get involved. We want to help, learn from others and  meet people who want to help. We have been involved in marine environmental research projects, did humanitarian help and medical support in Vanuatu, Santa Cruz Island, Anuta, Tikopia   and Caroline Islands. We try to find the places which are forgotten : No airfield, no electricity, no doctor. Far away, In the middle of the ocean. Only accessible  by boat. There are many more forgotten places out there.  Wakataitea is used as supply vessel, public transport vessel and research vessel. To be able to help, we need YOUR help. Be part of a project as doctor, “handy man” or just a person with a good heart, please contact us.  If you are one of those people who have more money to spare than time but would also like to contribute help.    A  small step for us can be a great one for the mankind....   Publications in German Sailing magazines from Hans and his time on SY IRENA Der Inselzahnarzt Das Holzbein Ich kann nicht schlafen segeln in die Vergangenheit