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Links: our project 2011: Tools and Toys for Asumboa and the refit of Lapita Anuta  reef research and humanitarian help in 2009  New Zealand Tonga Fiji Pohnpei Vanuatu New Caledonia Santa Cruz Islands Marshall Islands Wallis Anuta Philippines Norfolk Yap Tikopia click on the pictures text to visite the picture page. einfach auf die bilder klicken um die bilderseite aufzurufen...  Carolines  Islands Why a Wharram? more  photos plus de photos mehr bilder more  movies plus de films mehr filme Borneo Brunei Tioman Islands Singapore Melaka Malaysia Penang Malaysia Langkawi Indian Ocean Crossing segeln in die vergangenheit 2012 Madagascar The ghost ship Africa & Wildlife Africa in Black and White Namibia motorbike trip sailing to Saint Helena V Tiki 46 for sale; our  beauty full Tiki46 "wakataitea" is for sale. the boat was lauched in January 2009 and built by my wife and me, after the original building plans Nr36. since we built and launched the boat in New Zealand, we sailed so far 30000Nm with it. my wife and me had rebuilt other boats before and work and live the sailors life since 20 years and more. our professional back ground is canvas maker (my wife) and German master cabinet marker (me). the boat is build with only the best materials, epoxy (west system) and equiped with all you need to sail and live on board.   wakataitea is our home since the beginning. we live constantly on this Tiki 46 and keep it in top condition at all time. wakataitea is a well proved sailing vessel and it's construction and sailing rig handled in the past the pacific ocean, a Indian ocean crossing, passing "cap of good hope " and a Atlantic crossing with out any problems. for details information, pictures or movies about our  building, sailing and adventures please Google for "wakataitea" or email: wakataitea@yahoo.co.nz Rio de Janeiro / Brazil